24 September 2008


I once read a book...a very interesting book..it's about a man.One day he get to know a girl via letter.They keep replying each other letter for a long time but still he never meet the girl face to face.Until one day,their country are at war,so all men are forced to join the army including him.So before he leave,he wrote a letter said that if he survive the war and return,he'll meet the girl and propose her as her wife.So be it,after war the man survive and return to his homeland.While in the army,he received a letter says that when he come back,the girl will wait for him at the train station wearing a white dress and a blue scarf.At the train station,he eagerly look everyplace to find the girl.After few minutes,he find the girl,but she is not like what he think of her.The girl he saw is a handicap girl on a wheel chair,with ugly face and she does not have any hair at all.Despite her appreance

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Madihah said...

npe x abis cite ni???